meCUE 2.0

modular evaluation of key Components of User Experience

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meCUE is a freely available, scientifically-founded questionnaire, which focuses on the modular acquisition of user-centered reviews and their experience of interactive technical products.


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Theoretical background and structure


meCUE is based on the component model of User Experience (CUE-Model) and allows for the modular evaluation of central aspects of User Experience. Find out more about the theoretical background and the content structure of meCUE. more..


Development team


The questionnaire was developed as part of a research project in the DFG-funded post-graduate training group "Prospective Design of Human-Computer Interaction” or “prometei”) at Berlin University of Technology. Here you can get to know more about the authors. more..


Design and use


The factorial structure, reliability and validity were all verified by several studies. Find out more about the published articles relevant to the design and use of meCUE for the evaluation of different interactive products. more..