modular evaluation of key Components of User Experience



Dr. Michael Minge


studied Psychology (Diploma) at Freie Universität Berlin and Human Factors (M.Sc.) at Berlin University of Technology. Ibidem he received his doctorate on the subject of temporal dynamics in user experience. As a research assistant, he is currently investigating the application of gameful interaction design for elderly technology users. more...






Laura Riedel


studied Psychology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Human Factors at Berlin University of Technology. At the moment she is working as a HMI developer in the automotive sector. There she is especially interested in user-friendly operation of vehicle multimedia systems.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Thüring


studied Psychology and Computer Science at Braunschweig University of Technology. He received his doctorate in Psychology at Berlin University of Technology and then worked in various business enterprises in the ICT sector. Since 2001 he has directed the Department of Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics at TU Berlin, is co-founder of the course of studies "Human Factors" and is director of Use Tree, the Berlin Centre of Excellence for Usability Measures. mehr...


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